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In recent years, we all recognized importance of Health & Hygiene. Being responsible organization, we decided to follow principle of leaving no one behind by United Nations and to support Sustainable development Goal 3 (SDG-3) Good Health & Well being for all. To achieve this goal, LordsMed has launched The Hygiene India initiative having range of Natural Health & Hygiene products under Umbrella brand of SafeSehat® & MarkoSafe® Respectively.

For more info: visit The Hygiene India or SafeSehat or MarkoSafe

Our Range

home care

Home Care

MarkoSafeTM brands of products are manufactured by Lords Mark Industries. The products ranges from kitchen essentials to washroom essentials with an aim to create sustainable development products.

We all understand importance of hygiene hence MarkoSafeTM brands of products will cater to all kinds of home hygiene products.


health care

Health Care

The Hygiene india provides effective healthcare products by Brand safesehat. We cater comprehensive, diverse and highly complementary portfolio of generic and specialty medicines targeting a wide spectrum of chronic and acute treatments.

personal care

Personal Care

As we know periods are an integral part of woman’s life; and so are the sanitary pads. A woman needs an effective medium to address hygiene issues; a solution that will give them freedom to enjoy life as any other day. LordsMed supports the motto of Swasth India and has introduced it’s flagship brans in the names of Safelite™ for Sanitary pads. We aim to provide advanced Leak Lock technology and pocket friendly at same time.

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Margaret Anderson

Head of Laboratory Department

Mark Anthony

Senior Pathologist

Samantha Wood

Laboratory Technician

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