Who we are?

LordsMed is a division of Lords Mark Industries Pvt Ltd having area of business verticals in Diagnostics, Hygiene Care and Pharmaceuticals. LordsMeds under Diagnostic Division has more than 50 registered brands including ICMR approved antigen kit. Hygiene Care Vertical has 2 umbrella brands namely SafeSehat® and MarkoSafe®. We aim to move towards good health and well being for all, keeping sustainable development goal(SDG)-3 of UN in mind.

Our Mission
>To be recognized as one of the fastest >growing business conglomerate through >quality products, innovative approach and >unbreakable trust.

Our Vision
>Delivering value to all stakeholders and >partners by creating sustainable business >to become globally recognized brand in >diversified industries.

Our Values
 >Thrive on Opportunity.
>Embrace Growth.
>Speed of Light Execution.
> Innovation & Collaboration.


Our Leadership believes in Action and not Position!

Sachiddanand Upadhyay
Mr. Sachidanand Upadhyay
  • MBA in Marketing and Finance by qualification.
  • More than 2 decades of diversified industry experience.
  • Grew Lords group from initial days to 200 cr+ journey.
  • Relationship focused approach towards business.

MR. Manav teli
  • B com with economics and marketing.
  • Entrepreneur and Innovator.
  • 30+years experience in leading a business and entrepreneurial ventures.
  • Business strategist and innovative administrator.
  • MBA, LLB, Bcom by qualification.
  • More than 30 years of diversified industry experience.
  • Grew Lords group from initial days to 200 cr+ journey.
  • Master in operations management and purchase.
Mr. Naitik Vyas
Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer
  • MBA in Global Business Management from IIM C, Engineer in CS.
  • 14+ Years of experience in Technology, Pharmaceutical & Health Tech.
  • Serial Entrepreneur & Innovative Mindset.
  • Previous stint, co-founded 1Health, startup got acquired by well known MNC, Head-Sales and Marketing: Infini Systems (Now Veefin).
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